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Loading Dock Equipment

BBB Accredited Business A Rating

We understand loading docks are the heart of operations in any commercial warehouse or facility. This is where raw materials are received into your facility and where finished products are shipped out.  When loading dock equipment is down, every other operation in your facility is adversely impacted. This is where we can help.

Roadrunner Garage Doors is your single-source provider for all your loading dock leveler and other equipment needs in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas. We can help you plan and implement for the safe, effective and efficient flow of products in and out of your facilities with your short-term needs and long-term goals in mind.

Dock Levelers

dock levelersWe carry a full line of dock levelers to help you efficiently bridge the height and distance difference between your warehouse floor and vehicles. Dock levelers help your dock operations run more efficiently and effectively. They provide the following benefits to your loading dock area:

  • Reduce risk of injuries to workers
  • Increase productivity by saving time and ease of use
  • Reduce costly damage to equipment and products
  • Increase compatibility with trucks
  • Increase the ability to handle greater dock volume and heavier load weight

These solid, reliable loading dock levelers are available in three operation types (hydraulic, air-operated and mechanical). Each type comes in a variety of sizes and workload capacities to meet your unique operational needs, including volume of dock use, gross weight transferred, size of product transferred, dock and facility layout, and whether you are using a material handling equipment such as a forklift or pallet truck.

Below are some of the common types of loading dock solutions:

  • Pit Levelers: Recessed or pit-style levelers are the most common type of loading dock solution and are found in recessed concrete openings at the facility loading dock. Pit levelers offer a smooth transition between the warehouse floor and truck bed and are available in virtually every length, width, and capacity configuration.
  • Edge of Dock Levelers: Simple dock-to-truck leveler that is positioned on the edge of the dock. Ideal for trucks with minimal height difference or if space around the dock is a problem. Edge of dock levelers is a great loading dock solution for lower budgets.
  • Hydraulic Top of Dock Levelers: Ideal for retrofit situations where there is not an existing pit and the working range requirements exceed those offered by the edge of dock levelers.
  • Boards and Ramps: Used for securely bridging dock-to-truck gaps in even the most difficult positions. These permanent or portable docking solutions feature nonskid treads and come in a variety of sizes and types to handle a variety of load capacities.

No matter your loading dock and commercial facility layout, we have the right loading dock leveler for you to make loading and unloading from your facility or warehouse safer and easier in the Houston and Dallas areas.

Other Docking Equipment

Roadrunner Garage Doors offers the following docking equipment to help you run your loading dock area more efficiently, effectively and safely.

  • Truck Restraints: We offer a wide range of truck restraints for superior truck-to-dock holding strength to keep your workers safe and prevent avoidable accidents.
  • Seals and Shelters: We can help protect your loading docks by installing a dock seal or dock shelter.  Our dock seals help keep warm and cool air from escaping and prevent the passage of dust, insects, exhaust fumes, and other airborne particulates. Our dock shelters allow full access to truck height and width while sealing off your facility and indoor loading dock from outside elements.
  • Safety Products: We can help you make your loading dock area a safer place for both your workers and products. We offer a full line of safety products, including door track guards, dock lights, bollards, guard rails, rack guards, post protectors, modular stairs, overhead door protectors, mezzanine gates, traffic lights, and driver signal safety flags.
  • Fans: We can help lower operation costs, provide stable indoor air quality, and reduce maintenance needs by installing a Pioneer fan in your loading dock area. These fans dramatically reduce HVAC air intake to provide more suitable working conditions.
  • Dock Accessories: We offer various docking accessories to help you run a more efficient and effective loading dock operation, including bumpers, wheel chocks, and stabilizing jacks.
  • Bollards: Bollards are a low cost, versatile barrier that can protect virtually any structure.  They are available in 4” or 6” diameter and 42” and 48” heights.
dock bumper dock seals dock shelter

Air Curtains

Air CurtainRoadrunner Garage Doors provides a full line of air curtains to help prevent outside air, bugs, fumes, and contaminants from entering your commercial facility through open doors. Air curtains act as a physical barrier covering the open doors to restrict indoor air from escaping while keeping hot, humid air in the summer and chilly, cold air in the winter from entering the facility.

Air curtains provide the following benefits:

  • Creates a more productive and comfortable environment for employees and customers
  • Saves energy by keeping the heating or cooling inside the building and the outside temperatures out
  • Improves indoor air quality by keeping dust, fumes, and insects out
  • Allows visibility across thresholds and easy access and egress through openings, increasing safety


Your Single-Source Docking Solution Provider in the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston Areas

Roadrunner Garage Doors is a single-source provider for all your loading dock equipment needs in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas. We have the expertise, experience, and skilled technicians to plan and implement dock levelers and other equipment to ensure a more efficient, effective, and safer loading dock area at your facility.

When it comes to dock levelers, we are a full-service provider. First, we will thoroughly inspect your current docking area before helping you pick the right dock leveler for your unique needs. Next, we will provide you with a very competitive quote that includes equipment and installation. Afterwards, our technicians will expertly install your dock leveler, along with any other docking accessories or equipment you may also require. Finally, we are only a phone call away if your dock leveler needs fine-tuning, maintenance, or repair. Instead of working with various vendors and service companies, we have the expertise and skills to provide all your dock levelers needs and requirements.

We are a family-owned business with over 100 years of combined experience in the garage door industry. We provide unparalleled customer service in both the Greater Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas with our experts available to respond in a timely manner  to your loading dock emergencies or last-minute problems.

If you are ready to learn more about our dock levelers and other loading dock solutions, get in touch with us today!