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Garage Door Installation

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At Roadrunner Garage Door, we can help you select the perfect door for your home. Since many garage doors represent a high percentage of the exterior of your home, it is important to choose a door that best complements your home as well as satisfies your needs. Whether it is new construction or to replace an existing garage door, the following list of considerations will be helpful.

Garage Door Size:

Typical 2-car garage doors are 16’ x 7’ (width x height) and 1-car garage doors are 8’ x 7’. But there are many, many different size garage doors available. Please verify the size of the opening when ordering.

Garage Door Styles:

Whether you are replacing a door or installing one for the first time on your garage, you must choose a style that will complements the rest of your home’s exterior. Panel design is one way to add your own personal touch and style to a garage door. Window panels are one way to add your own personal touch and style to a garage door.

  • Flush Panels are flat, slightly textured panels. 


  • Long raised panels are sometimes referred to as Ranch Panel.


  • Short raised panels are the most common door panel found today.

short panels

  • Carriage Style doors give depth and distinction to the door while adding to the home’s overall appearance. 


Material of Construction:

Most overhead doors today are either wood or steel

Wood Doors

There are two types of wood doors that are used in our area of Texas, and that is solid wood doors and wood overlay doors. The lowest-cost option is painted wood with flat hardboard panels and were popular in new homes built prior to 1985. Wood overlay doors are commonly found on high-end residences where a real wood look is desirable to match other components on the home design.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are usually more economical than wood doors and are the most common type of garage door. Most of the doors we sell are available for immediate delivery in white, almond or sandstone. Most manufacturers offer many different colors as well. A door can also be painted to match your home. There are three distinct types of steel doors to choose from.

  • Single Layer Doors are usually stamped from a single sheet of galvanized steel. 
  • Double Layer Doors have a galvanized steel skin on the outside with a thick layer of polystyrene backer. This backer provides additional insulating value or soundproofing to the door. 
  • Triple Layer Doors are constructed of the same materials as the double layer doors with the addition of a galvanized skin on the inside to protect the polystyrene from damage. The additional layer of steel makes triple layer doors the strongest of all garage doors. These are also available with thicker insulation for greater R-value. 

Steel Thickness

Garage doors have steel panels that vary in thickness. Low-cost doors have thin panels of 27 or 28 gauge steel. Though inexpensive and suitable for many garages, these doors will not stand up well to impact (from basketballs, for example). Midlevel doors offer 25 or 26 gauge steel (the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel). Top quality doors use steel that is at least 24 gauge. Commercial-grade doors use even thicker steel.

Function of your Garage

These days, more homeowners are using their garages as extensions of their living space: as workshops, hobby areas, workout rooms and children’s play areas. As the activity in the garage increases, so does the need to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in this space. The additional cost of a well-insulated door is invaluable if it is being used more as a living space than a place to park your vehicle.

After considering all of these factors, please give us a call and we can discuss the right door for you!